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  • Supreme Court grants mandamus relief and holds that default judgment against corporation was due to be set aside because the purported service on the corporation was made by certified mail addressed to the corporation generally; service upon a corporation is not valid unless a specific person or registered agent is listed on the summons.
  • Court of Civil Appeals reverses trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of mortgage holder; genuine issue of material fact existed as to whether foreclosure was valid where mortgage holder refused to sell the property in separate parcels and therefore may have violated its duty of fairness and good faith.
  • Court of Civil Appeals grants mandamus relief and holds that trial court erred by refusing to allow wife in divorce action to amend her answer to include counterclaim for division of property and alimony even though she did not file the request to amend until after the final hearing had commenced.

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Supreme Court drops ATM fee cases because of a switch in arguments


The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dropped two antitrust cases involving ATM fees and explained the reason why.


The court said it dismissed the consolidated cases as improvidently granted because lawyers for Visa and MasterCard switched arguments after the court granted cert, report Lyle Denniston Law News, SCOTUSblog and the Associated Press.


On Thursday, U.S District Court Judge Myron Thompson blocked an Alabama law that would have banned abortion clinics from operating within 2,000 feet of a K-8 public school. A second rule, which would have made a common second trimester abortion procedure illegal, was also stopped from going into effect.

Alabama Supreme Court upholds judicial override in capital cases


The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld the state’s capital sentencing scheme in which judges can impose the death penalty even if jurors recommend a prison sentence.


Suit claims lawyers used 'stooge defendants' to get courts to order scrubbing of bad online reviews


A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of pissedconsumer.com claims two California lawyers filed lawsuits that used “stooge defendants” to pose as authors of bad reviews to obtain court orders removing the pages from search engine results.


Artificial intelligence predicted case outcomes with 79% accuracy by analyzing fact portrayal


Researchers were able to predict the results of human rights cases with 79 percent accuracy by using artificial intelligence to analyze the factual sections of published human rights judgments.



The days of common law marriage in Alabama will soon end.


A bill passed by the Alabama Legislature earlier this year abolishes common-law marriage – a union in which people present themselves as married despite not having a formal ceremony or getting a marriage license- after Jan. 1, 2017. Common-law marriage entered into before Jan. 1, 2017 will still be valid.



Alabama’s new restrictive covenant statute became effective on Jan. 1. Recently published committee comments clarified certain provisions of the law. The following briefly summarizes the final committee comments relating to three significant provisions of the new law.  


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